Create A Membership Site and Generate Income

Create A Membership Site and Generate Income

What is a Membership Site?
A membership site is a private website. It has their content exclusively available to their signed up members.

These sites usually provide members the facility to interact with each other. They pay you a monthly fee for being a member at their website.

Suitable For –
People who’re interactive, willing to guide and lead a community.

Skills Required –

1. People having in-depth knowledge of any particular domain.

2. Must be willing to research about new things and can constantly create new and helpful content.

Time Required For Creating A Membership Site –
The time period depends on the creator’s domain expertise. You can search internet for Matthew Woodward’s ‘how to create a membership site for free’ tutorial.

Tips –

1. In the initial days, keep the joining fee for membership on your website ridiculously low. The aim is to produce a minimum viable product instead of a perfect product. Besides we can always improve it later.

2. If you aren’t familiar and never been a part of any membership site till now, the you should consider joining a few related to your domain to study and analyse them.

3. Find out what’s working good for you and other members of those membership sites? What is making those websites worth the monthly fee? Make a plan on how you could replicate this in yours.

4. Interact and engage with the members actively. Your membership site shouldn’t be turned into one that displays content and there no active participation from your side with the members.
Try dedicating atleast half an hour daily to get involved – answer their questions, ask them questions in the forums. Also you can provide your members with insider access who’re interested in communicating with you.

5. Try organising group events, challenges, even quizzes to increase the engagement of members on your site. The participation procedure should be simple and easy for the members. Lure them to interact by offering prizes, display their name on leaderboards, etc.

6. Keep reviewing what’s working and what isn’t at regular intervals. Make the site adaptable to members’ needs.
For instance, if you’re getting more views on your videos than your textual content then release video content more and make it interactive.

7. Introduce new initiatives at times but don’t overwhelm your visitors or members. Analyse how they’re responding to them.

How To Monetize –
The more number of people sign up to your website and become member, the more income you’d generate from the monthly fees that members pay.