Earn Money by Joining Micro Job Sites

What are Micro Job Sites?

Micro job sites are those websites that pay you for completing the micro-tasks posted by them.
The microtasks can be anything from counting the shopping list items, calculating the total bill amount to leaving comments on blogs, etc.

The downside of joining Micro Job sites is that you don’t get paid much per task.

So to make a substantial income in order to support your living or bills, you would have to complete as many tasks as possible quickly. It’s like you’re being paid peanuts for each task and to fill your jar you have to collect as many peanuts as possible.

Ultimately, Micro job sites and their microtasks are suitable for those who have ample free time. But most people join these micro job sites for some side income and to make good use of their spare time.

Following is the list of few reputed short or micro-task sites that you can try: