Generate Income by Joining Q&A Sites

Answers to many personal questions are not easily available on search engines sometimes and that is where Q&A sites come to rescue.

When someone needs an answer to a personal question quickly, most of the time they turn to popular answer sites to seek the help they need.

And you happen to be an expert in a particular field then answering questions put up by people on Q&A sites can get you a handsome income online.

If we talk about the top Q&A sites, mostly questions are priced from $5 to $25. And even more for complex problems.

All you have to do to earn money is give appropriate answers to the questions of your choice.

Now if questioning person gets satisfied with your answer and accepts it then he or she will pay you the agreed amount.

One of the easiest ways of making money online by leveraging your skills is by answering on Q&A sites. And it’s get better because you don’t need to invest money or learn anything new. Just make use of your existing skills there.

Below is the list of some reputed Q&A sites you can consider joining: