Generate Income by Unlocking the Android Phone

Sounds weird, right?

But it’s true. People are getting paid for unlocking their phone.

Ever counted how many times a day you unlock your mobile phone?

No. You didn’t because it never mattered.

But now it does.

We all use smartphones daily and swipe the lock screen of our phones at least 15 times to unlock the phone on daily basis. Am I right?

Why not to use a meagre task as unlocking phone to make some money. There are applications available which pay you for unlocking your phone.

These apps generally would display an advertisement, image, video or an article on the lock screen of your phone for you to watch. After watching it and then swiping, you’ll earn points which you can redeem as cash, Amazon gift cards or discount coupons.

This might be the weirdest way of making money but it’s true.

Keep in mind that these apps are only available for Android phones. You’ll need an Android phone to get started with these apps to earn money.

Following is the list of few reputed unlock ads apps you must check out:

Screen Pay