create video course and sell in udemy

How to Create a Video Course and Sell in Udemy

What is
Udemy is an online learning marketplace having a huge collection of online courses from programming to yoga, photography and many more.

You get the liberty to create a course in text, audio and video formats. Each course is available on demand. Students can learn in own time and at their own pace on any device like mobile, laptop, etc.

Suitable For –
People who are good at teaching. Should be able to explain and solve problems.

Skills Required –
1. In-depth knowledge of chosen domain.

2. Should be able to express information in understanding and easy way.

3. Able to create quality videos if choosing to create course in video form.

Time Required For Creating A Video Course –
It depends on what the scope of the course is. The number of modules to be included and required preparation time are also playing factors in creating course video.

Tips –
1. Pick a topic which you have expertise in.

2. Now study the courses that are relevant to your topic. analyse how many people are interested in these course and how many have actually enrolled. This will give you a rough idea about the number of interested people who can be the potential buyer of the course.

3. Study the available courses by other people as well. Look out for things that are missing in the existing courses. Include those missing things in your course to stand out. It will also make your content better.

4. Identify the level of your targeted audience and create the course content accordingly. Keep in mind the targeted audience – beginner or expert level. Create your course content accordingly which appeals to the right audience.

5. Make sure the title and description of your course is optimized to garner your target audience.

Answer the frequent questions asked by the viewers.

6. The trick is to deliver at least 80% of your course in video format since its most engaging than the rest.
Also try to keep the length of each video lesson between 2-10 minutes. Don’t drag them unnecessarily.

7. Build a good rapport with the viewers and engage with them often. You can throw a quiz in between lectures to make it engaging and interactive.

How To Monetize –
1. Due to a large number of daily visitors on Udemy chances are your course will get noticed and as people start enrolling, you’ll earn money.

2. If you want you can start a blog on your course-related topics to promote your course.

3. The more people sign up for your course, the more money you will make.