earn money by developing apps

How to Generate Income by Developing Mobile Apps

Suitable For –
People who know to code and are created to implement new things and are interested in developing mobile applications.

Skills Required –
Even if you don’t know to the code you can still make a mobile app using multiple ‘app maker tools’ available online.
You can search app maker tools online. Just search ‘Android app maker’ or ‘ios app maker’.

Having the knowledge of Android or iOS app programming will certainly be advantageous. Though you must know how mobile app stores work and marketing your app on them.

Time Required For Creating A Mobile App –
It depends on the expertise of the developer. However, the popularity will depend on the scope of the app created.

How To Monetize –
1. You can upload your app as the free app on Android’s Play store and Apple’s App store and monetize it using AdMob. AdMob is Google’s mobile advertising network.

2. Put some initial price for downloading the app if you upload the app as the Paid app.

3. The more the people download your app, the more money you will make.

4. Promote affiliate products through your app to earn commissions.