Make money from Youtube

How to make Money from Youtube?

Starting a Youtube channel is one of the simplest ways of making money online. It requires little to no investment.
YouTube on an average gets 5 billion video views per day which proves its power on the internet. Everyone with a decent internet connection is watching youtube videos daily.
Lilly Singh, reportedly made 10 million dollars in 2017. She is the owner of the Youtube channel – Superwoman. Yes, from a single channel. She also made it in the Forbes list of highest paid Youtube stars on 10th place.
You too can experience such success, more or less. If you cash the opportunity that YouTube provides us currently.
Youtube is Suitable For –
If you are creative and have a knack for something you love, either is not camera shy or can shoot good videos. You can even make short films or documentaries.
Skills Required to create Youtube Videos – The only skill that you need is to be able to make videos that people like. It should be based on what viewers like and how you present your skills to them. Use good software tools to have clear video and audio. You can shoot the video using a camcorder or your mobile phone.
How long does it take to start A YouTube Channel – You can do it within a couple of minutes. It’s that simple. go to and create a channel there using your email ID.
Tips to create a Youtube Channel-
  1. Create a YouTube channel around a specific genre such as Humor, Tutorial, Recipe, etc. Don’t just go out create any random unrelated videos channel.


For e.g. If you love technology and have a knack for gadgets then you can create a gadget reviews channel where you can post review videos of the latest gadgets and help people to decide whether it’s a right choice for them.


  1. Pick a genre in which interests you. Gather information about it. Do not forget to analyze other videos and channels of similar genre. Read comments on them as well. Some viewers also give suggestions in comment section.


  1. Youtube has a section for the trending videos as well. You can go there to see what is trending on youtube. Know that as the number of views increases on a video, more people will click on it and want to see it.


  1. Like mentioned earlier check the comment section as well for suggestions. If you like a video and want to create a similar one then you might get some good ideas from comment section. Or if you have anything to add to it, it’ll make your video better and help in getting more views.


  1. Engage with your viewers. Like their comments and reply to connect. This way you’ll not only engage your fans but also know what they want to see next from your channel.


  1. Analyse what they like in your videos and what they don’t. Keep an eye on videos that get the highest retention rate and find the reasons why they got so any views..


  1. Keep an eye on your competitors and try to re-model the things which are working for them. But never ever copy them. Don’t even try. It’s important to always maintain your uniqueness.


  1. Keep improving your skills and content quality with each video. Your subscribers and views should increase with time. So you can actually see your success in numbers.


  1. EXPERIMENT, EXPERIMENT and EXPERIMENT. Never hesitate to try something new.


Experiments would lead you into finding new and exciting stuff. Who know it might catapult you ahead of your competing channels.


  1. Now another thing which will get you more subscribers is by collaborating with fellow youtubers. It will be more fun if they’re from your genre as well. Try to analyse their strategies and how they entertain their viewers.


  1. Most importantly don’t forget to have fun while working. It’s the key to great work and success..  


How To Monetize –

To monetise from your youtube channel, all you have to do is enable the Monetize option in the setting of your Youtube Channel. The more the views and subscribers, the more you will earn. That’s the thumb rule of earning on Youtube.

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