earn money by blogging

How to Start and Earn Money from Blog

Blogging is one of the easiest of ways to earn money from home.

Now unlike any other job, it doesn’t require you to sit on a desk for 9 to 5 like in a typical job.

It gives you the freedom to work at any time of the day at your convenience.

But know that blogging takes some time before it starts making money for you. The income is slow but steady.

So it would be better if you jump into this field slowly.

If you have a day job, then don’t quit it all together to start blogging. Start it as a part-time job or your side business.

Once it comes to the stage where blogging is earning you enough or more to cover your expenses then only it’s the best time to turn yourself into full-time blogging mode.

Suitable For –
People who are creative and love to write. People with good expertise in the field they are blogging about and can express it beautifully in words with the world.

Skills Required –
The only skill and ability needed are to express knowledge in writing in a simple but effective way.

Time Required For Starting A Blog –
The time required to start a blog depends on what your level of expertise is. If you are an expert, then you can easily start a blog within few hours. For a beginner, it will take around a day or two for the basic setup.

Tips –  
1. Start your blog about something which you are really good at.

Say if you love traveling and exploring new places is your thing then why not share your experiences and travel expertise with the world. All you have to do in this case is start a trave; blog.  

2. Always try to limit your blog to one particular genre. Don’t put content about many different genres in one blog. Like giving fashion advice on a cooking blog. It’s a big NO NO. Rather keep it simple and limit it to one genre.

3. Using your experience and knowledge, try to create something unique. Your content should make you stand out from the rest competing blogs

4. Value your readers. Try to be reader-centric. Write something that can make a difference in the life of your reader.

5. Always check the comments on your blog. Always. This is how you will be able to understand your readers. Reply to them in comments. Try to analyze what they expect from the blog. Guide them if they’re facing some issues.

6. Be committed to your blog. If you put efforts, then only the results will show. Otherwise, there is no point in being half-heartedly Blogging.uld anyone else?

7. Think about content, choose your writing style, who are your target audience, etc. check out other blogs that similar to yours.

You should know the answer to the following questions when you start a blog

How will I stand out from the crowd?
What can I say that hasn’t already been said?
What’s my USP (unique selling point)?
Why do I want to do this?

8. Be professional in what you write and represent in the blog. Never criticize brands, bloggers or people just to put them down. Unnecessarily shaming other fellow bloggers will only bring hate to you. Be humble and polite.

9. Be open to criticism and new ideas. That’s how you and your blog will grow. Collaborate with other creatives. You’ll be able to meet some really talented and awe-inspiring people.

How To Monetize –
You can monetize your blog by start reviewing and doing recommendations of products and/or services related to your blog genre. You can do it by writing an informative article or by placing banner ads on relevant pages of your blog. You will earn handsome amount when a person buys a product recommended by you.

Another easy way to make cash by blogging is by placing Google Adsense ads on your blog. The more people click on your ads, the more money you will make.