Join Focus Groups and Generate Income

A Focus Group is a group of people where group members are assigned to give opinion, advice towards a product, service, concept, advertisement, etc.

The concept behind Focus groups is similar to that of Paid Surveys but in Focus groups you must need to know more about the subject and actually get involved in it.

Unlike the yes/no type questions asked in paid surveys, focus groups send invites to their members to participate in discussions or share their opinions and reviews on a product or a service through video recorded on your smartphone, tablet or webcam.

If you compare the money you can make between Focus groups and Paid surveys, then Focus groups actually can get you more money than paid surveys. Although keep in mind being a member of Focus group requires you to have some knowledge related to the subject and giving your insights which could help them in shaping their product, service, etc.

Below is the list of top focus groups you can participate in:

20/20 Research
Nichols Research
Brand Institute
Mind Swarms
Athena Research