earn money by copywriting

Start Copywriting and Earn Money

What is Copywriting?
Copywriting refers to writing content or text for advertising or marketing purpose. The product which is called copy is meant to promote brand awareness and persuade people to buy a product or influence their beliefs.

Suitable For –
People who have the passion and creative mind for writing.

Skills Required –
Should be able to write a sales copy which can maximize product sales.

Time Required For Starting Copywriting –
Depends on your learning skills as before starting you have to learn the concepts and the psychology behind successful copywriting.

How To Monetize –
1. Expert copywriters are paid a generous amount of money for writing even a single copy. You might not earn much in the beginning. But once you’ll become an expert over time then you making thousands just by writing few copies.

2. Start by creating a sales copy for the product or brand you’re promoting. Analyse the results and improve with each new content.

3. You can also monetize by working as freelance copywriter.

You can start by registering on the following websites as a copywriter: