Start Your Podcast and Generate Income

What is a Podcast?
Also known as netcast, a podcast is a digital audio or video file made available on the Internet which a user can download or listen to on a computer or portable media player. These files are typically available in an episodic series. Any new instalments of which are received by subscribed users automatically.

Suitable For –
People who are good speakers and are able to explain things well.

Skills Required –
1. Must have an in-depth knowledge of any topic that you are interested in.

2. Should be able to persuade others with logic and reason.

Time Required For Creating A Podcast –
Below are the three important steps for creating a podcast.

Step 1 – First you need to prepare a script. Choose and create the content. Also make an outline to keep on track of the things that you’re going to discuss or promote.

Step 2 – Record audio or video for your podcast.

Step 3 – And last step is to upload the created podcast on your personal website of iTunes.

How To Monetize –
1. You can sell your podcast. Make sure that your podcast content is compelling enough that people pay for it.

2. Earn money by inserting a commercial into your podcast.